FORMER ERASER is an experimental electronica duo of two Sound Symposium stalwarts, CRAIG SQUIRES and RICK BAILEY.

Rick performs solo as Los Beatniko and has been involved with the electronic music scene in St. John's for many years. He has been involved in various ways with the Symposium since performing with Neighbourhood Watch in the early 2000s.

Craig has been involved with Sound Symposium since the beginning, and is currently on the Artistic Direction committee. He is an active member of the Black Auks and curates the monthly Night Music series at the Ship Oub. Previous bands include: Wet Cheese Delirium, Da Slyme, Dog Meat BBQ, and the Seelie Court Players.

As FORMER ERASER, Rick and Craig improvise electronic music, using a range of found and synthesized sounds, in a 'down tempo', 'ambient' mood with an experimental bent. Their proclivity for improvisation and sonic surprises will find them sculpting with found sounds and ambient textures to generate a more immersive experience.


KYLE GRYPHON is a musician and construction worker living on the Southern Shore, Avalon Peninsula. He has been playing traditional music for over 25 years, first picking up the accordion at the age of four. Later, he started playing banjo, harmonica, drums and various other instruments. He currently performs solo as well as with the bands Dark Era (drums) and Dark Island (accordion, vocals, harmonica, 5-string banjo). Writing tunes and songs for the past 15 years, Kyle has built up a repertoire of original music. He recently recorded a full-length album, entitled “Isolation”, released in early 2020.