GARY GREEN is a storyteller and author who has performed in and outside the province in youth camps, at international conferences, the Scottish International Storytelling Festival, Gros Morne Fall Fest, Cape St. Mary’s Performance Series, Battle Harbour Historic Trust, Canadian National Storytelling Conference, Admiralty House Museum, Labrador Creative Arts Festival, St. John’s Folk Festival, and at Trails, Tales and Tunes. He has performed on television as part of the series “Legends and Lore of the North Atlantic” and on several radio stations, and the international award winning productions “Inside Outside Battery” and “Foghorns and Heartbreak”.
He serves as a consultant for storytelling in the interpretation of the Battle Harbour National Historic Site, the Point Amour Lighthouse Provincial Historic Site, and is developing and delivering a story-based interpretation of The Crow’s Nest Officers’ Club National Historic Site.
Gary teaches storytelling at the annual Vinland Music Camp, and conducts storytelling workshops all across the Province including Them Days Magazine and the St. John's Storytelling Festival. He is a member of the theatrical musical mummers troupe, The Mummers and the Paupers, which performs regularly for organizations and events such as the Folk Arts Council's annual Christmas Wassail, Mews Library, St. John's Mummers Festival, and the Department of Veterans' Affairs.
For many years, Gary has been a core musician with the St. John's Harbour Symphony, and has been a board member of the St. John’s Storytelling Festival, and a founding board member of the Soundbone Traditional Arts Foundation.

NICOLE HAND, is an active teacher and instrumentalist in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Nicole holds a Bachelor of Music degree in bassoon from Memorial University of Newfoundland and is currently entering her 12th season as Second Bassoonist with the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra. She is a woodwind coach for MUN’s Chamber Music for Youth Program and frequently performs as a freelance musician with local groups such as Opera on the Avalon and chamber music group the Watershed Ensemble.
As a saxophonist, Nicole is a member of cover band 709 and original saxophone ensemble Ouroboros, two-time winner of MusicNL's Instrumental Recording of the Year and a nominee for the East Coast Music Association's 2016 and 2018 Jazz Recording of the Year. She has recorded and toured two full-length albums with Ouroboros and performed at festivals in Canada, the US and the UK.

ANNA GRAHAM is a third year music student at Memorial University. She enjoys playing and exploring the bassoon as very versatile and colourful instrument. She is pursueing a career as a professional musician in an orchestral setting.

AUSTIN MEISEL is a young bassoonist and composer that has studied music theory and performance for the past 9 years at various institutions and under the guidance of many strong willed and insightful teachers. Throughout his time as a student, he sought out to learn many performance techniques and compositional practices. Relatively new to the music scene, he brings a fresh interpretation and sound to the community. He strives to improve and learn more as he pushes forward, learning many new styles and developing his own independent way of writing music.