DENIS NASH is a seasoned folk/contemporary musician. He comes from Branch, St. Mary's Bay, one of Newfoundland's premier locales steeped in the Irish music tradition. He stems from a long line of entertainers on both sides of his family. Most notable his late uncle Gerald Campbell, a staple on the Newfoundland folk scene for over 50 years. Denis plays guitar and a mean accordion. His repertoire spans from traditional songs and tunes heard in his family to carefully selected songs by contemporary songwriters from the Anglo-Irish music scene. Among others, he is a regular performer at the so called Branch Night of the Cape St. Mary’s Performance Series. Ever so often Denis volunteers to perform at local concerts and benefits.

TONY POWER was born in Branch by a midwife to Anthony and Mary Power, who both were great storytellers and singers. The stories and songs Tony listened to while sitting on the end of the couch in the kitchen was where it all happened – from hearing about the fellow who shipped the devil to the fairies in the River Styx and the haunting in Golden Bay. Tony believes not everyone is open to these experiences which may only be seen by those who have an Irish background. Over the years he shared some of his own stories and experiences with family and friends but now he feels like sharing them with the audience at Cape St. Mary's close to Golden Bay and Branch where the experiences still go on between the ghostly presence and the living.